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  • Vinyl

    Digitally dig through our voluptuous vinyl selection. Jam-packed with soul, hip-hop, jazz, soundtracks and everything in-between

  • Turntables

    Our wide range of turntables has something for the vinyl beginner or the seasoned audiophile

  • Accessories

    Keep your collections sounding clean and crisp with our range of vinyl care and storage accessories

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  • Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers and Phono Stage

    Our range of quality amplifiers and pre-amplifiers vary from entry level models to higher audiophile level amplifer setups!

    Amplifiers , Pre-Amplifiers , Phono Stages 
  • Headshells, Cartridges and Stylii

    Looking to upgrade your stylus or cartridge to achieve that audiophile experience, peruse our collection of high quality stylii and cartridges.

    Stylii + Cartridges 
  • Speakers

    Pair the perfect player with the perfect speakers, shop our range of speakers from some of the most trusted brands in speakers!

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Welcome To Urban Records

Thanks for stopping by.

Urban Records is one of Perth's longest standing independent record stores. We've been keeping it real on Oxford Street, Leederville for 20 years.

Our loyal customers come to us for the best in Vinyl, Turntables and Sound Systems. We dedicate ourselves to sourcing great music from around the globe and offering it in one convenient location.
Vinyl is an older technology by comparison however it has remained relatively unchanged. It’s as close as we’ll get to a perfect music listening device. Vinyl Record Players are famous for that mahogany-rich sound you just can’t get with a normal MP3 player.
We have Perth's biggest range of turntables and accessories and are known for giving straight forward, expert advice. We are always tailoring product recommendations to give you the absolute best listening experience - whatever your budget.
Urban Records is one of Perth's most prominent independent record stores. Urban Records has the largest and most affordable record collection and labels in Leederville. Some of our labels include, Audio-Technica, Pro-Ject, Marley, Edifier, Rega and so much more.

Also, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us find it for you! Our vinyl catalogue is unrivalled and we can source customer orders quickly and hassle-free. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.
We believe in the record and vinyl buying experience. We have clients spend hours searching through our record collection. Our staff know everything there is to know about the best record players available so ask them anything. Not only are the knowledgeable, but passionate about what they do!

Andy Montgomery
Urban Records Leederville