For The Record - Your Guide To Cleaning Vinyl

For The Record - Your Guide To Cleaning Vinyl

"All those clicks pop's and hiss, I hate the sound of vinyl".

In nearly all cases, but not all, those clicks, pops and hisses are all due to dirty vinyl, with the poor old stylus having to move through layers of dirt and grime to move through the groove. But never fear, there are multiple options to clean your records and keep them pristine and sounding great. At Urban Records we have a whole range of cleaning items, from the simple brush to the high end record cleaning machines we have it all ! 

Cleaning Options - 


If any brushes are out of your budget a microfibre cloth will get some of the surface dust and oils off the surface of your vinyl ! 


An alternative to a cloth is to invest in a static-off or velvet brush ! These will get further into the groove to clean away any excess dust & grime. We've got a variety in store !


Spin-Clean Record Washing Machine

Spin-Clean's record washing machines are a popular unit to efficiently clean your records and keep them in tip top shape. A reservoir is filled with distilled water and cleaning solution and the record is 'spun' through the solution, dragging away the built up dust and grime in those precious grooves ! A cost effective option to cleaning your collection !

Pro-Ject Audio Record Cleaning Machines 

For those with a larger budget companies such as Pro-Ject Audio have released high end record cleaning machines. As with the spin clean these machines usually have a reservoir filled with diluted cleaning fluid, but have the added feature of a vacuum arm which removes dirt/grime as well as drying your record and leaving them residue free ! Here at Urban we can't recommend the Pro-Ject VC-E Record Cleaning Machine highly enough !



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