Collection: Marley

Stir it up with Marley

House of Marley is built on the principles of outstanding quality, sustainability and known for their commitment to charitable causes. Marley produces high-performance audio products that are engineered to deliver a sound of energy, emotion and detail through every recording. Marley headphones and audio systems consist of a smooth powerful bass and precise mids. Marley products are crafted from bamboo, FSC certified wood and recycled aluminium, plastic and fabrics. These materials make up the signature Marley look, that they are renowned for. Marley believes in the importance of trees, so when you purchase a House of Marley product, you help plant one tree. This charitable initiative supports global reforestry through A percentage of each sale is donated to this cause.

Marley is currently available at Urban Records in Perth. Urban Records is one of Leederville's most affordable record stores. Urban Records has the largest record collection in Perth at the most affordable prices.