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Kita Alexander - Young In Love (LP)

Kita Alexander - Young In Love (LP)

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Kita Alexander returns with her long-awaited debut album, Young In Love, a truthful, passionate and radiant melodic celebration of self, life, love and traversing the waves of a relationship.. The album follows twelve singles and three EPs that have all seen Kita faithfully document the peaks and troughs of her 27 years on earth —from falling in love to facing unfathomable hardships to experiencing motherhood. Here, her writing doubles down to create her most honest, relatable and self-assured release yet.

Produced in her hometown of Byron Bay, with the help of Kon Kersting (DMA'S, Tones and I, The Rubens), Thom and Andy Mac (Vera Blue), Young In Love, was written in under a month and is a sparkling nod to the music that played a starring role in Kita’s life and household. Treating the songs as her personal journal, Kita boldly explores her shadow self, her childhood and the challenges of balancing life’s responsibilities on her terms, and does so with enviable maturity and wisdom.

Young in Love is a celebration of doing the work; of finding one’s self while also tending to a partnership to ensure both mature into something beautiful, fruitful and free. “It's taken me a while to figure out what this album is, because I just write without really thinking,” she says. “But once I pieced it together, I realised, oh, wow, this is a beautiful journey of being young and in love —it’s not about bouncing from one person to the other, but sticking with it, experiencing real self growth, real life and real love, and going through the good, the bad, the ugly.”

  1. 7 Minutes In Heaven
  2. Queen
  3. All Night (feat. LAUREL)
  4. Best You Ever Had
  5. Date Night (feat. Morgan Evans)
  6. Bigger Person
  7. I Never Really Knew You
  8. Zodiac
  9. Butterflies
  10. Matter of Miles
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