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August Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

August Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

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Bluetooth Transmitter 
To connect Bluetooth headphones and speakers to retro audio sources, the MR260 can plug into any 3.5mm headphone or audio out socket, and send audio through Bluetooth in perfect stereo sound.

Bluetooth Receiver
To connect your non Bluetooth headphones or speakers to a Bluetooth TV, smartphone or tablet, just plug their cable into the MR260 and start listening wirelessly.

Bluetooth Car Stereo Adaptor
Plugging the MR260 into your car stereos 3.5mm in, will allow you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to your cars speaker system.

TV Adaptor
To get the full wireless benefit of Bluetooth speakers and headphones through your TV, the MR260 can plug into your TV headphone socket, or audio out and send the audio wirelessly. This is perfect for using your August EP650 headphones or MS625 speakers without having to wire them to the TV.

Auto Reconnection
The MR260 is a discrete little box, that can be easily hidden away behind your TV. Once it has paired to your favourite headphones or speaker, it will automatically reconnect whenever they are in range. Great for keeping it hidden.

What's in the Box?

August MR260
3.5mm to Phono 2xRCA Audio Cable
3.5mm Audio Cable
USB Power Cable
User Manual

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