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Yaya Bey - Ten Fold

Yaya Bey - Ten Fold

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New York's Yaya Bey announces her forthcoming album ‘Ten Fold’ on Big Dada.

Picking up where she left off with the powerful one-two punch of her 2022 album ‘Remember Your North Star’ and 2023’s followup EP ‘Exodus the North Star’, Yaya’s new album is a free-spoken and flowing self-portrait defined by in-the-moment reflections on the past, present and future. Brimming with the nuances of Yaya’s identity and the various facets of her creative endeavours, ‘Ten Fold’ turns her focus inward and meditates on her inner being while carving out spaces for the humour and cutting social commentary that’s been a defining characteristic of her work.


  1. crying through my teeth
  2. the evidence
  3. chrysanthemums
  4. sir princess bad bitch
  5. east coast mami
  6. chasing the bus
  7. all around los angeles
  8. slow dancing in the kitchen


  1. so fantastic (feat. Grand Daddy I.U.)
  2. eric adams in the club (feat. Exaktly)
  3. me and all my niggas
  4. iloveyoufrankiebeverly
  5. career day
  6. carl thomas sliding down the wall
  7. yvette's cooking show
  8. let go
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