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Joao Donato - A Bad Donato (Verve By Request Series)

Joao Donato - A Bad Donato (Verve By Request Series)

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In 1970 Brazilian genius João Donato was living in Los Angeles when the Blue Thumb label offered him carte blanche to make a record. Produced by Emil Richards, horn arrangements by Deodato, this is a funky Brazilian monster!

Featuring Bud Shank,Dom Um Romao,Ernie Watts,Conti Candoli,Chuck Domanico,Oscar Castro Neves and the best of L.A.s session men.

A totally essential Brazilian Funk monster of an extremely rare album!

  • 1. The Frog (A Ra)
  • 2. Celestial Showers
  • 3. Bambu
  • 4. Lunar Tune
  • 5. Cade Jodel (The Beautiful One)
  • 6. Debutante's Ball
  • 7. Straight Jacket
  • 8. Mosquito (Fly)
  • 9. Almas Irmas
  • 10. Malandro
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