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DJ Shadow - Action Adventure

DJ Shadow - Action Adventure

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‘Action Adventure’ is Josh Davis’s seventh DJ Shadow album, and his first in four years - a relatively quick turnaround as far as Shadow albums go. Led by the single ‘Ozone Scraper’, it’s an almost entirely instrumental album (with just one track with vocals) with autobiographical undertones that, in Davis’s words, reflects “my relationship to music”. A slight return to the pure sampling approach of his classic early records ‘Endtroducing…..’ and ‘The Private Press’.


  1. Ozone Scraper
  2. All My
  3. Time and Space
  4. Craig, Ingels, & Wrightson
  5. Witches Vs. Warlocks
  6. A Narrow Escape
  7. You Played Me
  8. Free For All
  9. The Prophecy
  10. Friend Or Foe
  11. Fleeting Youth (An Audible Life)
  12. Reflecting Pool
  13. Forever Changed
  14. She's Evolving
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