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Bleachers - Bleachers (Blue Coloured Vinyl)

Bleachers - Bleachers (Blue Coloured Vinyl)

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Jack Antonoff and Bleachers return with their self-titled album!

"Bleachers" features the quintessential feel-good anthem, ‘Modern Girl’ that pairs an infectious chorus with booming, energetic instrumentation and is a thrilling indication of the band’s impending new era.

Bleachers are fronted by globally celebrated, eight-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Jack Antonoff.


  1. i am right on time
  2. modern girl
  3. jesus is dead
  4. me before you
  5. alma mater
  6. tiny moves
  7. isimo
  8. woke up today
  9. self respect
  10. hey joe
  11. call me after midnight
  12. were gonna know each other forever
  13. ordinary heaven
  14. the waiter
  15. i am in your hands
  16. the backwards heart
  17. question mark
  18. the big bad turnpike ghost
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