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Accento Dynamica ADHA24BT Hybrid Tube Bluetooth Amp

Accento Dynamica ADHA24BT Hybrid Tube Bluetooth Amp

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Accento Dynamica ADHA24BT Hybrid Tube Bluetooth Amp

The new Accento-Dynamica hybrid amplifier is a German designed HiFi mini-amp with a high quality sound for a low price that is ideal for running modern, good quality, compact speakers. Compact dimensions, fine design and of course great sound, the unit has 2 RCA inputs for tuner, CD or Media player. The Bluetooth V4.2 signal reception as well as the built-in USB audio player (supports MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC with Play/Pause/FF/ REW) for modern connectivity and playback. The unit comes with 4mm speaker outputs for 4/8 ohm speakers as well as headphones 3.5mm, plus an RCA line-level output for an external active subwoofer if desired. There are two visible 6F2 tubes, which process the signal input and give a classic tube audio warmth to the sound (<0.1%THD) with Perspex finger guard, blue LED lit. The power amplifier stage is a premium Class-AB true discrete (all transistors only) design for a classic high-end analogue audio sound. The inbuilt power supply is transformer based, not switch-mode, for better low-noise audio. Built into a sleek brushed-aluminium enclosure, it has an attractive appearance to adorn your desktop or bookshelf with excellent sound quality when matched with some high-end compact speakers.



12W RMS @ 4Ω, per Channel, 2 × Channels

THD < 0.1% at 12W


20Hz - 20kHz


Greater than 80dB


Valve Pre-amp, Transistor Power Amp

USB, Bluetooth, 2 × Auxiliary Inputs

Front Panel Controls for USB Memory Device

Internal Power Supply

Separate Headphone Amp

Output for Active Subwoofer

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